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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Little Black Dress

Every girl needs a little black dress, right?  Today's refashion started with an ill fitting, boxy black dress.
I am in need of a business professional outfit for a presentation next week and I figured this would do the trick!  I removed the sleeves, buttons, and brought the waist in and the hips out. The buttons weren't actually functional (there is a zipper in the back), but when I removed the buttons there is a placket along the front would not lay flat.  I quickly fixed this with a seam down the front.  And voila!

If you want a little more info on how I made this transformation happen you can check out my original post.  Happy sewing everyone! 

The Weird Black Sweater Refashion

I have had this sweater for years. I never quite understood what the neck was trying to be.

Is it a hood?
Is it the weirdest, widest turtleneck ever?
Is it a bulky cowl neck?
I finally got tired of trying to figure out how to deal with the neck, especially as it was getting stretched out and even more difficult to deal with. 

So I took out my trusty scissors, chopped it off and ended up with 2 useful garments, instead of 1 that was relegated to the back of my closet.

The weird neckline is now an asymmetrical V-neck, embellished with a green vintage button. 

The part I removed got turned into a fabulous winter hat for my daughter!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Striped Cardigan

I thirfted this woman's sized striped shirt for 1€ at a charity shop last month. I was happy that I've put my hands on it so quickly and turned it into something new for my little princess. a cardigan. She picked the collar which is made from leftovers from a previous refashion I made for her little brother. 

if you want to read more about it, click here!

No Sew Wrap Dress

Hello friends!

I'm currently on Day 4 of 7 of my current refashion challenge.  Today kicked my butt and I needed something quick to fulfill the challenge and satisfy my creative juices.  Enter an ill fitted polka dot dress.

Essentially all I did was remove the shoulder pads, cut the dress from waist to hem, and remove some length.  I then wrapped the dress like a robe and secured it with a safety pin.  Voila!

I'm off to sleep a crazy day away!  Check out the original post for more pictures and detail!  
Shawn Elizabeth

SHIRT FIX: V for victory

I decided now is the time to "fix" a few of my v-neck shirts, originally men's v-neck. I love a good v-neck, but a men's v-neck isn't girly or very pretty. I'm not looking to show off my assets to the whole wide world, I just want the neckline to be girly and pretty. I found a few tutorials that explained creating a new neckline was an easy process. Well, I'll prove those tutorials wrong!  ;)  I can complicate any simple tutorial.


For details and pictures (read: cat hair), click here.

Jennifer Elliott