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Thursday, 18 September 2014

No-Sew House Coat Refashion!

I found this sweet aqua, bandana print housecoat at a thrift store while on vacation.  I loved the fabric at first glance and knew I wanted to do something with it.  I tried it on and realized that this might be my quickest refashion yet.  I figured all it needed was a belt, rolled sleeves, and some accessories.

I could have went through the effort of cutting it at the waist, taking in the bodice, reattaching the skirt, etc.  But, my wide elastic belt did all of that work for me!

I accessorized with a black and white beaded necklace, beaded bracelet, and black heels.
So simple!

For more views and a close-up of the pocket trim, you can visit my blog, Second Chances By Susan!  Thanks!

This refashion started as a Chico's shirt with bleach stained sleeves. Because of the stains I got it for free at the thrift store where I volunteer. I thought I'd just need to shorten the sleeves to remove the stained area and I'd have a super simple refashion. But the top made look like a 1950s candy striper so I decided to drastically change it up. The halter top I ended up with is perfect for the 92 degree day we're expecting tomorrow. Please see my blog post for more information and a tutorial!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Kerchief refashion

 I got this souvenir kerchief at a street festival in Toronto called BuskerFest - with fire eaters, acrobats, musicians... It was such fun! And free fabric giveaways? That's the best! ;)
 although I don't really need a handkerchief, I thought the material could be used for something I do need... A soft case for my sunglasses! Score :)

Pants refashion

Hello refashionistas,

I took a little longer break this summer in order to put my ideas in order. I'm also struggling to find good quality clothes in thrift stores as I've already exhausted my closet. 

These pants were waiting for me. They are classic, well cut and made of 100% wool. But the cut is really too classic for me so I've made some changes:

Here is the basis:

After cutting the legs, I've created a floppy top that can be attached or not to the trousers. More details here

This gives a rather cool attitude to the whole outfit that can be worn with or without the top. Till the next refashion, sew well!

Shhh! Don't tell my 9-year-old boy he's wearing a skirt!

For his birthday, I made my 9-year-old-boy a skirt...and he loves it!  That's because he doesn't know his cowboy poncho was my cowgirl skirt in a former life!  Shhhhh!

Come and visit us at Skirt Fixation to see what else we've been sewing up...and lots of skirt love!