Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sharing the same jeans (genes)

Youngest son cleared out his closet before leaving for college, and put a lightly worn pair of jeans in the thrift store pile.

I like dark denim and need some more pants (I prefer skirts, but need pants for walking to work).
Youngest son and I may share the same genes, but I could not wear his jeans without some major "up-sizing"!
I just decided to chop away/add in some contrast fabric/do a lot of pinning and trying on and cross my other words, wing it. I used a really muted tartan from Cali Fabrics.

I ended up doing a bit of patching together, due to my complete lack of planning, so had to add some pockets to cover unwanted seams. Luckily, I had cut quite a bit off the leg length, so had some scraps to work with.

Well, now I can get them on, and do up the buttons (grrr...darn button fly, prefer zips).
Not bad for a Sunday afternoon's work and a little fabric from the stash - thanks, son!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

how to sew 👉 a pleated skirt

When I was watching comedy Wild target ( super cool 💃 comedy by the way) I fell in love with 🌹 Rose's style,esspecialy her yellow skirt and leather jacket are fantastic. 
I want to have both but as first I found mustard color fabric 😉

My before fabric : trousers in beautiful mustard color
if I remember good it's wool mixed with synthetic fabric 😊

 during work 👊

 ready skirt 👗
Quick  view on me  

before and after

     Love ,

Small Fixes

Hello Refashion Co-op. I found this great houndstooth skirt at a clothes swap. It looked like new except for a few snagged threads.

Small fix #1: This weave is a little loose and I can see how it could snag on things easily. I gently pulled the threads through to the inside and that repaired the outside of the skirt. 

Small Fix #2: It was a little bit big so I had to size it down. This skirt had a side zipper so I altered the other side. This idea is just like what Saga did in her recent refashion project- Simple Skirt Refashion.

I was really concerned about this fabric fraying so I used bias tape to cover the new seam. The black bias tape will be inside so no one will know but me. .....and you guys. That was Small Fix #2.

Small Fix 3: I have had this denim shirt for ages. It is soft and broken in and I love it but the front doesn't lay flat. It gapes open between the second and third button. This always happens to me with button down shirts, the only fix for me is a few stitches over the existing seam. It is permanently closed and I have to pull it over my head but that's OK. 

Alright then, all the small fixes were easy and made these clothes more wearable.

Thanks for reading!

#58 Back to School Wardrobe: Too Large Pants to Pull on Elastic Waist

REFLECTIONS: I am learning to alter much too large pants. These are from my Liz Claibourne haul when our outlet closed.

BEFORE: Navy denim weight pants.
  • Many sizes too large.
  • Simple seam in waistband would not work.
  • I do not have luck removing and re-stitching waistbands.
  • New waist band was cut from Navy t-shirt.

  • Remove original waistband.
  • Stitchnew  seams in crotch, in-seams and outer leg as needed. Serge.
  • Cut new modified yoga waistband from the width of an old t-shirt. Insert elastic to fit.

 AFTER: Navy pull on pants.
  • No prize for style.
  • But, perfect for the Back to School Spring Transition wardrobe. 
AFTER: Still full legs
with new pull on waistband.

New waistband cut from t-shirt

New waistband: no style but functional 

New t-shirt waistband.
Function, not style

BEFORE: Many sizes too large

BEFORE: Too hard to remove and restitch waistband

Monday, March 20, 2017

Summer Blues 80s Tie Top

80s tie top by Karen Vallerius

Finally commenced the Great Spring Stash Bust!

I used some of my blue toned vintage cottons for this 1984 design tie top:

80s tie top by Karen Vallerius

- a navy paisley cotton reworked from a vintage 60s day dress;
- a bright madras influenced cotton check from an 80s mod style man's shirt; and
- a gorgeous piece of unused vintage 70s dress cotton in teal and biscuit

80s tie top by Karen Vallerius

Thought this would be great for the summer.  Read more on my blog here.

Happy sewing everyone!