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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Little Black Shirt

I have no occasion for this little black dress, but I could always use another fall top.

With a few nips and tucks I was ready to go!

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Tie-Dye Top

I always think these little strapless, shirred dresses are so cute, but I never wear them since it means wearing a strapless bra too. So this one is getting flipped upside down and turned into a batwing-esque blouse with the shirred part as the waistband.

Tie-Dye Top - Before

I cut off the top half of the shirred portion since it was all stretched out. Then I cut slits at the bottom of the skirt that will become my new arm holes. Finally, I sewed the front and back bottom hems of the dress together to form the shoulder seams, leaving a hole for my head, obviously.

Tie-Dye Top - AfterTie-Dye Top - AfterTie-Dye Top - After

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Tie-Dye Top - Before & After

Scarf saved from the bin

Scarf which accidentally got burn holes. In the age BSR* it would have been thrown in the bin, but I decided that I could mend it.

I cut off the section with the burn holes og sewed the to parts of the scarf back together using a french seam, so there are no visible raw edges.
It took only 5 minutes and now the scarf is back in use.

Blog: http://www.sagaifarver.dk

*Before I Started to Refashion

Saturday, 18 October 2014

One Out Of Two Aint Bad

Both of the shirts had holes in the front and were tossed into my refashion pile. I replace the front of the striped shirt with the back of the blue shirt. I messed the placket part up so I had to make do (which I ended up with the biased ribbing that stretched out too much).  


combined shirts with a funky looking placket. : (
 This will be a shirt that I will wear around the house.

Wedding Guest Dress Refashion

I am attending a lot of weddings this year and I wanted something fun and sparkly.
I found this dress and I loved the blue color and the sparkle on the top. I would have purchased this dress just for the sparkle! There was a little too much material here for my short frame so I decided to use the lining of this dress for the top and the sparkle for a removable belt. 
you can check out the step by step process here.
Happy Sewing!