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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Shirt made bigger

I was walking home when a bag of clothes left out on the street for rubbish caught my eye.

Feeling only a little shame I started to rummage and took out a pink checked shirt by Uniqlo which looked barely worn.

The size was extra small so I was intending only to use the fabric, but once I'd washed it and tried it on I was amazed to find that the arms and shoulders were a perfect fit - so I decided to keep it as a wearable garment.

I couldn't fasten all the buttons so here comes an embarrassing poor quality before picture.

I was going to make it bigger by adding a panel down the centre back and as the length was generous, there was just enough fabric cut some off to use for such a panel.

Although I tried to match the stripes up as best as possible, it gets more rubbish towards the thinner top end.  I ended up using all the fabric I had available from the shortening, there was literally a tiny scrap left.

Finished shirt:

OK so this is never going to be a best shirt but it's turned out wearable enough, in fact this bag of clothes was sitting outside a restaurant and I couldn't resist wearing the refashioned version on my next trip there.  I suppose I was hoping the waitress would recognise it but I received no comments, apart from my husband who my mildly shocked to find I was wearing something found in a bin.

I learned from this refashion that a really good fitting sleeve goes right into the armpit so the shirt doesn't ride up when you lift your arms up.

Memorial Day Dress

Hello, Re-fashion Co-Op! This is my first post on this site and I'm really excited to be sharing my refashions with so many other awesome refashionistas :) I've been blogging at Accidental Seamstress for 2 years now and I'm officially hooked on DIY fashion. My name is Laura and I'd like to share my "Memorial Day Dress" with you first.

I got this awesomely ugly 90s dress for only .99 cents. That's my "rule." I never go over $1 when I'm scouting out refashions.

This just needed a few tweeks to make it "cookout" worthy for the holiday. I put it on my homemade dress form and took it in. I also raised the shoulders a little bit, and I seam ripped off those horrible side ties and decorative buttons.

Next, I did a bit of cutting...

I finished that raw bottom hem with my favorite hem of all time: A rolled hem.

Easy peasy. And, this one is easily a new favorite :) If you'd like to see a more detailed description of what I did, feel free to see my original post.

Happy Refashioning!

Two T-shirts Refashions

This time around the Pinterest Challenge was T-shirts. Simply that, and it was left up to each us to decided how to refashion one, or two, or more.

I used two t-shirts to make this interesting cut and weave look. The angel one had already been refashioned but I wanted to change it up again. To see how I made this happen, go to my blog.

This t-shirt dress was not quite fitting right, so it hit the refashion pile. I originally was going to refashion it into a tunic, but am glad I decided to refashioned it into a skirt, with the flower detail taken from scraps of the angel t-shirt.

Silk and Lace

This men's XL 100% silk shirt came home with me from a clothes swap a couple years and has been hanging in my refashion closet ever since. With the addition of a little lace, I finally found inspiration for what to do with it!

Silk and Lace Blouse - Before

I cut off the sleeves and collar and added a lace insert in the back. A huge pleat at the bottom of the lace soaked up a lot of the extra fabric.

Silk and Lace Blouse - After

Silk and Lace Blouse - After

For more details and lots more photos, click on over to CarissaKnits!

Silk and Lace Blouse - Before & After

The Crafty Disaster Takes on the UGLY Skirt Challenge From Skirt Fixation

The lovely ladies at Skirt Fixation sent me a skirt for the Ugly Skirt Challenge. It was very.... table cloth-y. I decided to turn it into a peplum top. Check it out on my blog!



The Ugly Skirt Challenge: