Thursday, 30 June 2016

TBT: Consignment Shop Copy

I saw the most beautiful green silky blouse at my favorite consignment shop a few years ago... and I passed it up because $14 (at that time) was just too much from our petty cash fund leftover after bills... That's sad, I know, but it truly was...

I found this at a thrift shop for .99 cents instead.

I really loved that Emerald Green blouse I saw on consignment and I wanted to copy it in some way, of course. It wasn't until I turned this thrifted dress inside out that I figured out how to do it!


I swear I didn't notice the reversible-ness of this when I bought it. This Emerald Green color was the exact same as my consignment shop beauty!

So, I took it in a little bit at the sides and then (using a pattern actually), I made sleeves from the bottom scraps of fabric.

Then, right sides together, I sewed the new sleeves into the arm holes of the main shirt.

Don't sew over your pins! :)

I used a rolled hem to finish the new bottom edge and and voila!

All you can do is take my word for it, but this is nearly identical to the consignment shop shirt I loved so much!

Being silly

Happy Throw Back Thursday, Y'all. If you want to see my original post for this, click here :)

Black Pants 2.0

Hello Refashion Co-op. First, these pants are not really black are they. In the bright light they are obviously navy blue. They looked black at first.

They pants were great but didn't fit at all.

I took the sides in a little here and a little there, so they would fit. I had to remove the belt loops because they were in the way of my new seam. They were easy to reattach.

They fit so much better now and I love the stretch they have. I was hoping they would turn out a little dressy and a lot comfortable. Plain, simple and classic.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

Transformation de robes (1)

J'ai dans mon armoire plusieurs robes achetées il y a plusieurs années et je n'arrivais pas à m'en séparer alors j'ai décidé de les transformer ....

Voici, la première robe à être transformée :

Une petite robe sympa mais devenue trop juste.............

Pour cette transformation j'ai utilisé le patron Burda n°6851 et je suis assez contente du résultat.

Alors qu'en pensez-vous ?
Pour en savoir plus c'est ici
A bientôt, Elisa Elisa

The Long and Bike Sorts of it

With summer in full swing I needed a few more pairs of shorts to go under my skirts and dresses that I wear almost every day. I previously bought a pair of bike shorts and wanted something similar in style, but was unwilling to pay retail for. I had the idea to use yoga pants and chop them off to my desired length.
I really like how they turned out and I will defiantly be making a few more pairs. Who knows maybe they will convert me into a shorts girl! For more information about this refashion visit my blog post. As always until next time stay creative!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Re-Love That Old Jean Jacket!!!

Hello there!  Do you have an old jean jacket that is just blah?  It hangs in your closet, year after year?  Maybe you bring it out occasionally?  Well, I did!  I kept packing it away every Winter, and taking it out every Spring... But never wearing it... It finally ended up in my donate box... Now, I am a Re-Fashioner, an UPcycler, a RePurposer -- why would I even HAVE a donate box for clothes?!  I'm not sure.... I guess there are the occasional items that I look at and can't even see myself using for one of my designs... This jacket fell into that category. 
Well, today I looked at it and thought... hmmmmm... I had an idea... would it work?  Would it look dopey?  I figured - what the heck?  I don't like it or wear it any way!
So, here's what I did:
I sewed an awesome handmade doily that I'd picked up at a yard sale to the back of the jacket...  Double seams - one straight and one zigzag for strength.  Then I just cut out the material that was under it from the back side.  Now, it's unique, it lets air through for the summer, AND whatever color shirt I wear shows through the doily!!!  Cool!

I was really happy with how this looked, but when I thought about wearing it I realized one thing:  NO pockets!!  This is on the front - a phony!!  it's just a flap!  Grrrrr!!  

I am funny about pockets - I need to have at least one.   Soooo, I used the piece of fabric I cut out of the back of the jacket and made a pocket :)   Then I just sewed in onto the inside, behind the "impostor" :)  and slightly behind the front placket -- more secure there  :)   

And here's how it looks from the front:  Not really noticeable, which is great, but even if you can see the stitching, it's OK because it looks like it's a pocket! (which it is! hehe)   --- By the way, that dark spot on the bottom corner is a stain from ages ago; I don't even know what it was from... This is a pretty old jacket... ;)

That's all Folks!  Have a fabulous day!