Thursday, September 01, 2016

#1 September Back to School Yellow Vest / Blue Shirt

GOAL: Refashion 10 Items for September Back to School Wardrobe. It is STILL HOT in Texas.
This is #1 September Back to School.

Back to School Wardrobe:
*Retired from University. Returned to Elementary School !!!
*Dress is business-casual to very casual.
*I will Re-fashion from my University Pre-retirement work and week-end stash.

BEFORE: Yellow vest has been worn with blue t-shirts for many years. Buttons had been changed to pearl. The blue shirt was in the casual wardrobe stash. The blue bias trim in the vest tie the vest and shirt together.

  1.  Change the buttons to a deep blue that ties the vest and shirt together. The buttons on the vest are larger than the shirt buttons.
  2.    Add accent buttons to the vest pockets.
AFTER: Buttons tie vest and shirt outfit together. Good for casual work days at Elementary School.

Blue bottons tie vest and shirt together.



Summer Dress

I don't have a before photo but just picture a white too short  Tshirt and a piece of striped fabric. 
I used a skirt pattern to make the bottom of the dress which was then attached to the tshirt. 

How I will style it...

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Old Curtain to Mermaid Costume

I have a habit of picking up cheap linens at thrift stores. They're a fantastic way to get fabric on the cheap! A while back I picked up a hot pink satin curtain at Goodwill. After turning part of the bottom of the curtain into a pillow case for my daughter, the remainder languished in my fabric stash for months.

But I recently had an idea that allowed me to use nearly all of the remaining curtain fabric!

Fancy sequined top of the curtain.
For Christmas a couple years ago, my daughter got a rocking lobster. My idea was to turn the curtain into a mermaid tail so I could take a photo of my daughter riding her lobster as a mermaid. :D

Rock(ing) lobster
I spent a Saturday evening watching Stargate: Atlantis and cutting out pieces and removing extra sequins.


Ready to pin & sew

My daughter is super excited to wear her new mermaid tail!

From 6 tiers to 5

My name really is: Cari Frock
and I love to sew.

This is the 100% cotton 6-tiered dress.

I cut off the bottom tier leaving a 1/2" to turn and hem.

That is the length of the 6th tier that was removed

Because of a back zipper, the tiers were back seamed. So I opened all the seamed, hemmed and restitched it all.

A little trim was added to the last sheer tier.

The dress came with an added extra, a threaded snap for the bra strap. Nice!

A close up on the sheer layer that is now without a liner (cuz I hemmed it short)

And the final 5-tiered dress ready to be worn with leggings.

Til next time...happy stitching!!

End of Summer Dress

I do this every year. All the sudden I find myself getting ready to go back to school and do the autumn thing (love fall clothes) and I go, "Wait! I've got summer clothes to share! Nautical stuff, which by law cannot be worn past Labor Day."
I have a thing for this boat stuff.
I guess I didn't feel like trying it on. It's a rather unremarkable dress, but I somehow stumbled upon the same one on Etsy while researching items by Lanz Originals. So, it was made by a cool vintage dress company, fancy that. Got iy last winter and put it away until July when I decided to do something with it.
I pulled this slightly cheesy little costume from the dusty old Goodwill bins only to read the label and learn that it should never be washed/dry cleaned/or sprayed with Lysol under any circumstances. I rescued the anchor applique for this project.
I did some things. Let's just look at it.
Took off the little sleeves, sexified the neckline, made sash from hem, added anchor. Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me.
There's lots more to see in the full post on my blog Craft, Thrift, or Die!