Saturday, December 10, 2016



After my last catastrophe of a project, I really felt like I needed to redeem myself!

Rumply old tank top. It has some tiny holes and stains and is just kinda crappy. But I needed some workout shirts; things that can handle a sweaty zumba class or powerlifting sesh!

I refashioned this dress a while ago but didn't like the straps I added, so I decided to use it for its fabric in my favorite colors!

I cut out some design elements

And refined the shapes

And on they went! Here is the front

And here is the back! The sewing is a little uneven and the edges are raw, but that's kind of the feel I wanted; a little rough and 'handmade'

It was a simple project, but it soothed my cranky nerves. Onto the next best thing! 


#28 for PROJECT: “Back to School Wardrobe: Long Undies Ready for Winter

My self-challenge is PROJECT: Back to Elementary School Wardrobe
Project Goal #1: 10 Re-fashions per month starting August when I returned to teaching. This is #28 so I am behind.   
Project: Goal #2: Shop from the closet. I have not bought any new or used clothing since August when I started this project.

BEFORE: Too small silky long undies were in the wardrobe stash.
Lace from the stash was gummy from the elastic aging. It is very soft and perfect for this project.

PROBLEM: These long undies from the stash are too small. My elementary school is cold and drafty. AND I am not shopping this school year.

STEPS: Pull the thread link to open the seams. Insert and topstitch lace panels 

AFTER: Lacy long undies for Monday, I need to rescue enough long undies from the stash to last all week. I love these under pants for school and under sweats at home. I am on the hunt for another pair to rescue. 
AFTER: with lace inset,

AFTER: With lace inset.

Thin lace from the stash

Thin lace from the stash

BEFORE: Too thin undies

Friday, December 09, 2016

Ms Claus

I put my scraps to good use on this refashion...

...and added a hood!

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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Needed Neutrals

Hello Refashion Co-op. How are you? I love color and design but I needed some simple neutrals in my closet. I liked this poncho sweater but it wasn't very flattering. It also hung down over my hands when I was working and it was annoying to wear in my real life. It is pretty shapeless too.

I did some reshaping with some simple cuts around the buttons. I wanted to leave the arms full and loose. 

I connected the newly cut sides and used a zigzag stitch to control the fraying edges. 

For more details and pictures about this sweater and pants, go to I Can Work With That.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016


I needed to turn this skirt into a warmer layer for winter.

I ironed out the pleats and went poncho!

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