Thursday, 28 July 2016

Polka-Not to Ploka-Hot

I started with this polka dotted number. It was decent to begin with just needed some slight changes.
I didn't touch the length because it was already bordering on too short. I added elastic to the waistband to give it more of a shape. I had to take the sleeves off because they were an awkward length and it's hot here! 
The different pattern pieces are pockets!! I'm a sucker for dresses with pockets! 
Please ignore the tree stand it was right after christmas­čśé­čśČ 
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The Butterfly Dress

This dress was the next item that inspired me from my gifted bag of un-wanted clothing. I loved that it had a hood on it and was super light weight material. I decided the dress needed some darkness, so I also chose this black athletic top to alter. 

Then I got to work transforming..

Step #1
Parts of the hem on this dress were furling up on the bottom so I decided to use that to my advantage and sew the hem up giving it a more un-polished look.

Step #2
I cut off the bottom part of the dress from the top, and cut the black top in half under the bust. Then sewed them together keeping the original stitches from the dress. 

Step #3
The dress was very wide and had no shape whatsoever, so I took it in on the sides by a lot and gave it a bit of a curve to make it a little more shapely. 

Step #4
I cut off the sleeves by the elbow and gave them a hem with a double line stitch to match the original sleeve cuff. 

Step #5
I now needed to attach the hood. I cut the hood off of the dress with a one inch allowance. I wanted to keep the collar of the black top and the dress so I doubled up and sewed the hood collar right next to the black top collar. I thought this looked kinda cool. I wanted it to be different.

Step #6
The material of this dress is very clingy so I took another article of clothing from the bag. This long, tan colour top to attach to the inside as a slip.

(inside out with slip attached)

Step #7
I didn’t quite like how the dress attached to the shirt under the bust, so I made a strip of black material sewed into a tube to cover up where the two materials meet as to even out the line. This made a big difference. 

Since this dress is very casual I paired it with black tights and casual shoes. This is usually not my style but for some reason I felt inspired to take it this way.


Skirt to Shirt

This floral skirt had the most vibrant print. I couldn't pass it up!

.99 cents
It didn't take much to turn this into a blouse-y summer shirt: I cut off the banded waist, cut slits for
arm holes, sewed in a neck line and finished all the raw edges.

In spite of my frown I really like it.

As Always, there's a full tutorial up on my blog if you'd like to see it :)

Happy Refashioning! ~Laura

The Two Dress Combo

Hello Refashion Co-op. I recently combined two dresses that didn't work for me into one dress that did. It was very simple. One dress was too small (The colored stripes.) and one dress was too plain(The solid black.). I'm sure looking at the pictures, it is clear what I did.

I cut the solid black dress along the seam it had at the waist. The best part of this dress is the super soft knit material.I cut the striped dress just under the zipper. The best part of this dress is at the bottom. Those colored bands are so cute.

I put them together. If you look closely, you can see the chalk marks where I was going to take the skirt part in just a bit. I wanted it to match the top in size. Some super easy sewing followed.

And Shazam! I had a new dress. 

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

Floral dress redo

Hello refashioners!
Then more I post the more I realize I love dresses­čśČ Almost all my refashions are dresses haha. Anyhoo.. When I found this dress I was in love with the style and pattern of it.
Unfortunately when I washed the dress the adorable collar got really dingy:( so it had to go as well as the giant shoulder pads. After I removed the shoulder pads the sleeves were still too much for me. I cut them off as well as a couple inches off the bottom:) I paired it with my vintage pearls and a white belt.
Here's another angle:)
It has pockets!! 
Oh on a side note: I am thinking about getting a dress form. The only issue is that I'm in between sizes. The ones I've found are either medium size 6-8 or large size 12-14. My measurements are closer to the 6-8 but since the dress form is smaller than me will I run into issuer? Thanks for looking and check out my blog if you want to see more step by step photos and more refashions! Click here:)