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Monday, 30 March 2015

The Crafty Disaster: Dress to Apron

 I found this cute pink and white striped dress at Goodwill. I just loved the fabric but the style and size of the dress weren't cutting it. So I decided to turn it into an apron. 



Dress to Apron

For more photos and a quick how-to, hop on over to my blog: The Crafty Disaster


Upcycled Blankets by Missy Bonkers

Upcycled wool blankets by Missy Bonkers

Hi my name is Tina and I established Missy Bonkers in 2009. “My background initially was in theatre costume design and directing. I then re-trained as an interior designer and colour therapist and went on to work within the design industry and the retail sector. While working there I became aware of the sheer quantity of waste, in particular domestic and commercial textiles.”

As a reaction to textile disposal I began to collect and reuse the fabric in many different forms from soft sculpture to restyled vintage clothing to wall mounted appliqué and hand-embroidered images creating functional designed pieces from toys, clothing and accessories, to patchwork quilts, and soft furnishings. 

Over the years the idea had blossomed and eventually Missy Bonkers was born. Since May 2009 I has been actively restyling clothing in particular, creating an awareness of slow fashion that is both individual and unique, while also encouraging awareness of how clothing can be restyled to prolonging the lifespan of a garment, rather that disposing of it. 

I am register member of the Crafts Council of Ireland and a member of the Education Panel of the Crafts Council of Ireland.

My work and blog are available online at www.missybonkers.com

One of my latest upcycling projects is Blanket Coats & Shawls, upcycling vintage Irish wool 

Taking a wool blanket and turning it into a sleeveless coat with some specifically placed cuts and bias binding.

Blouse and Skirt Refashions

I recently participated in a thrifty clothing swap with some other bloggers, and my partner, knowing I love to refashion, sent me a couple of pieces that could use some alterations.

Thrift Style Thursday: Swap!

The blouse was easy. It was quite nice, but just too tight in the neck for me. To remedy this, I simply cut a new neckline and used some polka dot bias tape leftover from another refashion to finish the edge.

Navy Blouse - After

Navy Blouse - Before & After

Then it was time to tackle that frumpy, floral skirt. I removed about a foot of fabric off the bottom of the skirt and used it to create the new bodice.

Blue & Tan Floral Dress - After

Blue & Tan Floral Dress - Before & After

As always, you can find more details and photos at CarissaKnits!

Sunday, 29 March 2015

SKIRT REFASHION: another simple skirt

A few nights ago while looking through Pinterest, I found a "quick" guide on how to refashion a shirt into a skirt with POCKETS! I couldn't find the full tutorial anywhere, so I just depended on the four-step graphic. Yup. Four-step graphic. The graphic also boasted the refashion could be completed in 30 seconds. SECONDS?!? SECONDS?!?


If I know what I'm doing and I'm having a good day, I could probably complete a simple elastic waistband skirt in less than an hour -- maybe 30 minutes. A skirt in 30 seconds. Nope. No way. Cannot happen. Because I'm for all things easy, lazy, and quick, I decided to try this four-step method of turning a shirt into a skirt.

For more details and pictures, click here.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Skirt to Pants!

We started with a skirt, of course!  Are you seeing a trend here?  I don't have a before photo, but you can just about imagine it.  I'd made it when I was a teenager!
I just laid my pattern piece out on the existing skirt and cut out around it, keeping the original waistband and pockets...bonus!  Then I sewed up the crotch seam and the inseam, hemmed it and I was done!
To see the other pajama pants I made, head on over to Skirt Fixation!