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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Linen skirt refashion with lace

I found a too big skirt that was made of linen. I had no idea why I got linen because I actually hate linen because it gets wrinkled so fast.  I took awhile to figure out what I wanted to do with it. I disliked the buttons and pockets. I had a piece of lace that was a curtain that I figured I would cover up those pockets and hide the fact I was wearing linen.

I dyed the lace with purple iDYE. Then I attached it to the skirt, I cut off the linen skirt and made it shorter. I also took a little of the A-line out of the skirt to accommodate the lace. What I had leftover was this cute 2 color lace and linen skirt. And all those darn linen wrinkles were hidden. Success.

More information and pictures on my blog here. :)


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Doilies on a Pullover

My dearest Refashion-Coop-Readers,

it's been a while since my last refashion but today I have cute one. Whenever you have an old sweater or some doilies left, just put them together. As I did!


Some weeks ago I visited my local thrift store and just found this cute velvet shirt. From an old curtain-project I had some doilies left and this was the right time to combine them.

If you want to see the whole tutorial feel free to visit my blog. I hope you like it!

I'm happy to read your comments.


NikolaLuigi Refashion

Another refashion for the boyf! I took this charity shop t-shirt (which I may have worn as a pyjama top for a few nights before deciding what to do with it) and tied and dyed it.

I think it looks pretty cool (no he's not passed out, he was just sleepy!)
You can see more of the refashion here!

A Steampunk Halloween!

I love costumes, so naturally when Halloween comes around I get pretty excited.  This year I decided on a steampunk theme for my husband and I.  I gathered various items from the thrift shops, altered some and created some fun steampunk costumes with accessories.

Goggles for both of us.

A shoulder pad for him.

And, futuristic weaponry!

For more details, and views of how we decorated the "trunk" of our van for the trunk-or-treaters, you can visit Second Chances By Susan!  Thanks!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Flapper Costume from an Old Curtain

I made this flapper costume from an old satin curtain. To make it, I traced a dress I had onto the curtain on the bias. I flat felled the side seams and used ribbon as straps. The gold trim from the curtain became a fancy neckline on the dress. I used the same ribbon, plus some felt feathers and elastic, to make a matching headband. Add a long, beaded necklace and you have one glamorous Halloween costume! For more projects, come visit my blog, Hoopes Park Studios