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Friday, 4 September 2015

Can you refashion bras?

Did I just put my bra stash online? Yes, for the common good. Bras are expensive and most of us wouldn't think that you could refashion or alter them. I didn't either. So we buy new ones when size changes, or suffer the bad fit of the old ones. But you can alter them. And I' ll show you one way to do it.
Here are most of them, pre-altering.

My breast volume had increased. I found a solution: Sew in lace elastic along the upper edge to cover more and keep the contents in. The width of my cup size remained the same (that is paramount to be able to use this solution).

While I am at it: Go get measured in a dedicated underwear shop, that has a broad selection from the smallest to the largest sizes (because thos with a limited range will always measure you to a size that they have in the shop=).
90% of us use the wrong size (and you think that you are among the 10% not to, but go get checked). Well fitting bras is heaven.

Comment: They do look a bit wonky on my dress form, but they fit me well.

See the blogpost HERE for TUTORIAL

The same bra in black:

And also in pink. The black lace elastic looked a little "lonely", so I stiched lace elastic to the bottom edge too.

Here I stitched the lace elastic to the inside of the cup since this was a lace bra, and it would look best that was. I also sewed a little piece of lace on in the middle of the bra to make the lace follow the lines of the bra.

And I did the same on the same bra in black:

This one had a ruffle along he edge, so I also put the lace elastic on the inside of the cup.

Nude (well caucasian scandinavian nude) bra, that got a lace piece along the edge like the others.
To gather the two colours so the lace piece didn't look out of place, I put sateen bias tape on top of the bra wire casing.

Aside from being too small, the straps had disintegrated on this one. I put a lace piece on this one like on the others. And I removed the straps and replaced them with others from a thrift stop bra. But not just any straps: Removable and multifunctional. I have always wanted such a bra.

Here I have made it a halterneck bra.

I have one more bra project, but it deserves its own blogpost. Do look forward to see it tomorrow. Teaser: Two bras became one.

Un nouveau sac pour Bibi !

J'avais chiné chez Emmaus un petit haut sympa, sauf que le volant qui se trouvait au col me déplaisait. De la façon dont il était monté je pouvais coupé le volant au ras sans pour autant tout défaire.

Seulement voilà, une fois le volant coupé , le col gondolait (le tissu était extensible) et je n'avais pas envie de tout défaire alors comme l'imprimé était joli je l'ai transformé en sac seau !

En photos :

Et si vous souhaitez en voir plus c'est Ici 
Je vous souhaite une bonne journée, bisous, 
Elisa Elisa

Thursday, 3 September 2015

#3 Boxers or Sleep Shorts from Worn Shirt

RanchHouse September Sewing Goal:
  • Mend, alter, refashion 10 Boxers or Sleep Shorts. This is #3.
 Boxers or Sleep Shorts:
  • Made from Pre-retirement stash that does not fit the Retirement lifestyle.
  • Fit the need for more at-home lounge clothes. Retirement has some benefits!!!

Yolk and waistband added from stash.
These summer boxers are as comfortable
as wearing sweats in the winter.
Before:  Old brown shirt from the closet.

After: Back panel boxers. Shirt did not yield much fabric due to seams, darts.

*Old Shirt: Piece and cut new boxers.
Add turquoise and brown yolk, waistband,and back panel cut from stash fabric.
*Back Panel Pattern: Pattern from men's boxers was traced onto white pillowcases. There aren't side seams, they can be added to piece fabrics. I have seen boxers with front panels also to allow for even more contrasting fabric.

What I Learned: This shirt yielded less fabric due to seams, darts, button plackets. The contrasting back-panel is needed to extend the shirt fabric.
The back panel also eliminates a back seam which can ride up.
After: Back panel added to stretch original brown fabric.

Audition for Refashion fabrics.

Before: Light turquoise not used
Pattern: Traced onto pillowcase from old boxers.

Ideas for Boxers:

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

WP_20131115_15_59_27_ProSomehow, a permanent marker (which I have banned from the house, car, trailer, my life)  managed to get a hold of a new shirt and leave a blue mark.   It was stubborn; it was a $3 shirt.  I didn’t get mad, well maybe a little bit mad at the contraband marker sneaking its way into my house.

WP_20131205_15_23_00_ProI salvaged the pretty little flowers from the ruined shirt by ironing some heat and bond to the back of the flowers, then cut them out.  Next, I found a red dress which ALSO had permanent marker lines on the chest area.  (Apparently, I need to increase my surveillance on writing utensils around here.)

I strategically ironed the flowers in place, then sewed them down so they won’t go anywhere.  There were a bunch left over, so Grace pulled out a skirt that needed a little something extra and we ironed and sewed them down too.

Love Amy Jo at The Little Moments

Twice the fun with Boho Chic!

Last week's challenge for Refashion Runway was Boho Chic.  What a fun and carefree style!  Of course, growing up in Eugene, Oregon (voted the most hippie friendly city in the US), and still living a stones throw away, I am very familiar with the hippie influence of this style.

I was able to make two different blouses, both from dresses, and both with lost "before" pictures...darn that delete button!

After the second blouse was sewn, I used Copic markers to color in the lace.

More pics can be found on my blog, Second Chances By Susan.  Thanks!